Ynobe Moringa Green Tea Conditioning Hair Mask Review

My hair has been through a lot the past two weeks! I have never experimented so much with my hair in such a short amount of time. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I was having issues with re-creating super defined braid outs and twist outs. This led to me trying different product combinations on my hair like every other day. Long story short, I had a lot of product build up on my hair by Sunday which is my wash day. Since I had so much built up in my hair, I decided to wash first and then do my deep condition treatment after on damp hair. I had so much build up from using products that weren't so natural and were cone heavy, that I had to wash my hair 4x!!! I used three different shampoos and did an ACV rinse. Once the cleansing process was done, I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to get rid of the extra water before applying the conditioning hair mask.

Moringa Green Tea Conditioning Hair Mask
-The hair mask says it is formulated to moisturize and condition, leaving your hair soft, silky and shiny. My hair was super squeaky clean before applying the product. It was so clean, it had that tough stripped feeling and made a squeaking sound when I rubbed it between my fingers! I was apprehensive while applying the mask to my hair due to the current state of my hair. The mask is super thick and I was like there is no way this is going through my hair but I was wrong! I started smoothing it through my hair and it melted in like butter my mouth dropped. I used very little product and was able to run my fingers through my hair. In the following picture you can see how matted, shrunken and stiff my hair was before applying the mask to it and the after picture is me with the product in my hair. You can instantly see how soft, conditioned and more manageable it made my hair.

I didn't do a deep detangle with the product in, just ran my fingers through my hair. I sat under my steamer for about 20 minutes and my hair felt great. The consistency is very thick, reminds me of the Shea Moisture deep treatment masks. The color is a pretty soft green, like green tea and the smell reminds me of fresh laundry. I would say the fragrance is at a medium level so it may or may not bother you but for me, it wasn't so loud that it gave me a head ache; I found it to be pleasant. I recommend using this on damp hair. Due to the thickness of it I can't see it working on dry hair. The product lives up to all the claims and I can say this is on my list favorite deep conditioners! I will use it more and it may make my 2013 staples list :) I give it 5 stars for great all natural ingredients, results, and price. If you would like to check it out, visit ynobeshop.com you get 8 oz for $13!

Hope this review was helpful for anyone needing a good deep conditioning treatment whether  your hair has been through a lot of styling stress like mine or you're having dryness issues. Any questions, feel free to leave them below! (This product was purchased by me if you were wondering)

Besos, Feron 


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