Getting a High-Def Twist out!!!

July has been a great month! Mainly because it's my birth month and I achieved a bomb twist out after many failed attempts. If you follow me on instagram, you saw my struggles! Last summer, I kept my hair braided up under a wig so I did not have to deal with this humidity; this was new territory for me and I was feeling the pressure to have a perfect hair day for my birthday (July 10). The following will be an overview of the product combination I used to achieve my HD twist out as well as the technique I used. Hopefully someone will find this helpful and learn from my mistakes :)

The Technique
For me, achieving a great hair day is more about the 'set' or technique and then about the products. In the following video, I used eclark6's method for twisting my hair. Think of how you twist your hair to form a bantu knot, but you're doing that for each strand before twisting them together. The result, your twists should look like rope twists and will be ultra defined for the take down.
In the following picture, you can see how I set my twists in the front of my head the night before. If you notice, my twists look almost identical to eclark6's twist in her video just much shorter in length lol.
Twists are super defined and look like rope twists

My twists were styled on dry hair. I first sprayed the section with Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion. This product says it creates shiny, long lasting twist sets and braid outs. I have already reviewed this product and can say I received the same great results as I did the first time I used it on much shorter hair. I smoothed the product through my hair and it instantly defined my curls and began to clump them. Be advised this product does have cones in it and the more you use it, the more likely you may experience product build up. I did experience build up and will only use it on freshly washed hair and not hair I have been experimenting on the prior week.  Also, this product can be a little sticky. 

Next, I raked through the Nothing But Curly Pudding to further clump my curls together and topped it with the Mold & Hold Wax for extra hold. Note, these two products also have cones in them and I have never experienced product build up before when I used them on freshly washed hair, but I did this style on dirty hair. I have reviews on these two products posted as well. After the wax was applied, I began to use the twisting method posted above and twisted my hair up in the front. 

The back was styled on semi-blown out hair. I can not manipulate it if it isn't in a stretched state. It was wet, rainy and humid for my birthday and through the weekend but my hair stayed pretty defined with this product combination and twisting technique. 
Hair 2 days later; still great definition
If you have any questions, please leave them below! I hope this has helped someone struglling with getting a high definition twist out during these hot, humid summer days! Just for a point of reference, I have type 4a, high porosity, kinky, coily, coarse, and super thick hair! 

Besos, Feron 


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