Is Snacking Good For Weight Loss?

Snacking can either derail your weight loss efforts or it can enhance them. Choosing the right kind of snacks can actually help you stay on track, avoid overeating and empty calorie consumption. The desire to snack can be caused by hunger, stress, boredom, etc . but the key is to find the right kind of snack to satisfy your urge to eat.

Snacking in between meals can actually help you eat less at mealtime. Eating every three to four hours keeps your metabolism going more consistently, thereby burning more calories throughout the day. You should refrain from eating anything four hours before you go to bed.
You burn fewer calories while you are sleeping so you don't want to eat anything that you can't burn off before going to bed. This will also help reduce acid in your stomach, minimizing your risk of acid reflux.

If you find yourself snacking because you are bored, you should find something else to do like
taking a walk or reading a book. Are you snacking because you are stressed out? If so, how can you reduce your stress? Sometimes you need to attack underlying problems that lead to overeating.

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