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I love subscription services! For the month of January, I received 5 separate subscription boxes and feel the excitement of them is starting to dwindle. With that being said, My Brown Box rekindled that excitement I once had when I first subscribed to my first monthly subscription, my glam now known as Ipsy. My Brown Box is a monthly lifestyle, luxury, and beauty subscription service for brown beauties everywhere for $20. Now I do love Ipsy and am still a subscriber but, finally there is a subscription service that offers products specifically for me or rather a woman of color regardless of your ethnicity. I was so excited when I first heard this service and I made sure that I was online to be a subscriber and receive their premiere box for January 2013! For more information or to sign up for their mailing list, visit Subscriptions are re-opening this Saturday, February 9, at 3p.m. est if you would like to subscribe and be a Brown Beauty!!

First impressions
- Presentation is everything to me and when I opened my package I was thrilled! The box is a cute goldish tan color with a circle cut out of the brown box logo in hot pink. The box is really sturdy and pretty and will be reused for storage purposes of beauty products. When you open it, hot pink tissue paper is held together by a pink and white logo sticker. The products are nicely placed in the box on top of yellow confetti paper; such a cute combination! Each box also included a *hand written* thank you card from the founder Brittney. That was a really nice touch! Getting past the presentation, the products that were included were really nice; the informational card was super helpful as it had the retail values of all the products included which I have never seen before. Usually you have to look up the values on your own to see if you got your money's worth or to see how much the item is if you choose to purchase it. Very good move on their part!

Products & Reviews

SheaTerra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap
- This soap claims to be a deep pore facial cleanser that is 100% natural, a microdermabrasion in a bottle. I used this soap and I can not use it. It is too strong, left my face red, burning, and stinging. I used deductive reasoning and concluded I'm allergic to the rose hips because I tried rose water in the past and experienced the same reaction on my scalp. I'm sad, I really wanted to like this product but I gave it to my mother who also has sensitive skin but not as severe as mine. She has used it for a week now and she loves it. She has psoriasis and has noted the soap has done a great job of cleansing and has cleared up some of the dry psoriasis patches from her face! So for me, I can't rate this product but if you're not allergic to rose hips or anything rose related I say give this product a try.

The Natural Market Brown Beauty Delight Vanilla Pound Cake Hair & Body Butter
- There are no claims for this product it's simply a Shea butter based butter. The consistency is very nice and I like how it absorbs into the skin, however it has a strong odd vanilla fragrance that lingers. I tried it on my body first, and after so long I began to sneeze. I used it on my ends prior to wash day and every time I moved I could smell it. I'm okay with some scents but this one makes my nose get stuffy and itch before having a sneeze attack. I gave it to my mother and she only uses it at night due to the odd lingering smell. I can't rate this product either due to my allergies nor recommend it. 

Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner 
- I have not used these samples but will do so. They are noted for being one of Corrine Bailey Rae's staple products. The conditioner is 100% vegan and doubles as a styling cream.

Curls Blissful Lengths Kukuinut Oil Elixir
- This oil is advertised as being a growth stimulating hair & scalp elixir. It smells great with a light, fruity fragrance. I haven't used it but plan to use it for a hot oil/pre-poo treatment. 

Aye 'Shanti Notebook
- I thought this was a really cute paper craft. Especially because mine had a green heart and was wrapped with a pink bow (Skee-Wee Sorors). I would recommend checking out what else this brand has to off at  

Valana Minerals Sparkie Lips Color Sticks in velvet pomegranate
- I did not like how this sample was presented although I suppose I could  have purchased a lip brush to apply the gloss. Since I don't have one, I used my finger to apply the gloss and it got all under my nail. Not fun but the gloss was nice and pigmented for me and was not sticky. If you like Maybelline Baby lips, you'll like this gloss as it gives you a nice sweep of moisture, color, and shine. If your lips are dark, this is not pigmented enough to show up and will seem very sheer but you can always layer it on top of your favorite nude lipstick. For this reason, I give it 4 stars and do recommend it. For more products visit 

The Lip Bar Virgin Cocktail Collection in Gin-ger & Tonic
- Let me start by saying this is the cutest packaging I have ever seen for a lipstick! Before I opened the lipstick, I was sold on the case. The lipstick has a very nice formula. It glides on smooth and is pigmented. I could have worn it alone but it made me look washed out so I added some lip liner for definition and a little gloss to make my lips pop. This is a perfect nude for my complexion but it is too light for deeper complexions. I give it 4 stars for it not working with all complexions but I do recommend it. It's very high end and reminds me of my Smashbox lipstick. 

Over all, I give the premiere My Brown Box 4 stars!!! I am very happy I subscribed and can't wait to see what other goodies they have planned for us. As always, nothing is perfect and you can't please everyone but from my year of experience with subscription services, this one is a keeper. I recommend any of you who are looking for a subscription service that not only has 'hair' product but has an emphasis on beauty, My Brown Box is for you. As noted above, subscriptions re-open Saturday Feb. 9 at 3 p.m. est. Be online right before 3:00 because the premiere subscriptions sold out in less than 30 minutes! It's so easy and simple that I thought I did something wrong! You pay via pay-pal and your account is charged $20 on the 5th of the month. 

Are any of you a My Brown Box subscriber? What subscriptions are you subscribed too that you think I might like? Let me know and I'm always happy to review products/services, contact me and lets make it happen :)

Besos, Feron  


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