Summer 2012 Castor Oil Challenge Results

The summer Castor oil challenge began on June 1 and officially ends on September 1. Today is the final Friday check in, and final length check for the challenge. The challenge was given by 
Jenell aka BlakIzBeautyful on YouTube, is the founder of the website and offered a spring challenge and received great results; two inches of growth. The summer challenge, which I participated in was her second time offering the challenge.

***UPDATE*** I won the challenge!! I was the grand prize winner for the Summer Castor Oil Challenge!!!
In her own words, here is the goal for the challenge, "The goal of  this challenge is to grow your hair thick & long over a 3 month period. While we understand that your hair will not grow to waist length in 3 months, we know that with consistent use of Castor oil you WILL reap great benefits. This challenge is our way of motivating you to partake in a routine healthy hair regimen using Castor oil and we hope that you will be motivated enough to continue this regimen after the challenge."

With that being said here are the rules for the fall challenge and you must go to to enter.
The challenge will begin on Sept 1, 2012 and end on Dec 1, 2012.
Fall Challenge Rules
* You can use any type of Castor Oil you desire (Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Regular Pharmacy Castor Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil, etc.) Get your Castor oil right away so you have it in time for the beginning of the challenge.
*You must apply the Castor oil to your hair/scalp 3x’s a week at the minimum.
*You must check in each week from Sept 1,2012 to Dec 1, 2012. Every Saturday at 10am there will be a new weekly check in post. There will be NEW check in questions each week. To check in, all you have to do is answer the check in questions. Capisce?

 Now what you've been waiting for, My results!! I also received 2 inches of growth and have noticed a significant difference in my hair. My hair went from being very dry and coarse, to super soft and manageable.

~Pictures: June 1, 5 weeks in, then Length Today. Sort term goal was to reach my lip and I made it!! Now, quick comparison of all three stages. 

How I used it: During the week, I used Cold Pressed Castor oil to oil my scalp 5x a week and to seal my ends. Once a week, I used JBCO with my deep conditioner or to do a hot oil treatment. Castor oil is also an ingredient in my homemade whipped Shea butter and KimmayTube leave in conditioner. (More on this in a later post)

Well I hope my results have inspired you to join the Fall challenge with me or to at least see with a proper consistent regimen we can reach our hair goals by first achieving healthy hair, then length will follow!! Till next time,

Besos, Feron


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